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New Online Events to Attend from Your Living Room

Online Events

Did you hear that creaking sound? It’s the sound of people peeking out of their doors; curious about what might be going on outside! Or maybe they were just picking up their grocery delivery… Depending on where you live right now, life may be showing some signs of normalcy again. Or maybe it’s still not the right time for you to venture out just yet.

Fortunately, these in-between days are also modern ones; and that means distance is no longer a barrier to enjoying the arts. Stay in your pajamas, keep your brain engaged and entertained, and help support the people and organizations dedicated to bringing us a ray of light in these uncertain times.

Here are just a few of our favorite unique online experiences that are happening in the coming weeks.

Live Virtual Baking Classes for Kids & Teens by Teens

August 30 (repeats weekly)

Ok, so you managed to snag the last bag of flour from the grocery store. Now what? Let’s face it: your baking skills are a little rusty. Why not let your kids teach you a thing or two as they watch Ash and Taran create delicious treats in their weekly live baking classes? Aged 14 and 6 respectively, we’ll bet these two will bring some new sweets into your kitchen that’ll turn out way better than that bland loaf of bread you were planning.

Strange Storytelling Hour – Isolation

September 10 (repeats monthly)

The art of storytelling is timeless; as old as humanity itself. Hosted by comedian Emmett Montgomery, this monthly event brings you strange and inspiring true-life tales. This month’s theme is one that many can relate to at this time: isolation. Ticketing is on a sliding scale, so there’s no reason to miss out on these enlightening storytellers at work.

The Get Together

September 21 (repeats monthly)

Calling all amateur filmmakers! Feeling creative? Want some feedback? Presented by the Northwest Film Forum, The Get Together is a monthly virtual meetup for film and media makers. Submit your work ahead of time, have it featured during the event, and find out what kind of observations and thoughts your peers have afterwards. Best of all, it’s free!

These events are just the tip of the iceberg! Discover more online events and experiences here.

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Case Study: The Quarantine Sessions

How Marina Albero
Uses Brown Paper Tickets
to Keep Music Alive

Who is Marina?

Marina Albero is a freelance jazz musician originally from Barcelona, now based in Seattle. She teaches music and performs in various local and national groups, including her own band. She now runs The Quarantine Sessions, a live streaming music experiment. Prior to starting The Quarantine Sessions, Marina used Brown Paper Tickets to sell admission to intimate house shows.

COVID-19, Gathering Bans, and Social Distancing

In early March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began to escalate in Europe and then in Seattle, Marina watched as her upcoming shows were canceled and postponed one by one. March shows became July shows, and her immediate income dried up. Not only did these cancellations represent a loss of livelihood, but also a loss of community.  She knew that the longer this went on, the harder it would be for artists everywhere to bounce back.

The Quarantine Sessions

The Quarantine Sessions were born from what Marina calls a “survival instinct.” The premise was simple: bring live music experiences to quarantined viewers, while supporting local artists and their communities.

Marina’s first task was to find a venue. While she could live stream from her living room and had done so before, she wanted this experience to be special. She connected with a local studio, The House of Breaking Glass, who agreed to host the performance, allowing Marina to produce a show with top quality audio. “[You can host] a live stream in a house with technology that you have, versus a live online concert with a higher production value,” she says. “For me that is a beautiful difference.”

Her second task was to figure out how to host the event online. Marina wanted the show to be open to everyone, so she decided on a free Facebook live stream with pre-sales and a virtual “tip jar” through Brown Paper Tickets. It was important to her that the performance feel like a concert, not a fundraiser. Listing her event with Brown Paper Tickets provided her with a main landing page for the event that she could use to promote, generate sales, and preserve a familiar event experience for attendees.

I thought that Brown Paper Tickets was my best option. Anybody else who is doing a live stream has the same idea… you have your PayPal, you have your Venmo. But I like the idea of selling tickets to an actual concert.

Marina Albero

On the evening of the show, Marina and her band played an enthusiastic jazz set at the studio and streamed it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Live. Throughout the event, viewers were able to contribute to a virtual tip jar through the Brown Paper Tickets event page.

Marina Albero

The Results

The first Quarantine Session proved that if you make it, people will come. Fans watched, commented, and made contributions from homes across the world.

  • 1,600 viewers
  • 1,200 interactions
  • 135 contributors
  • 50% of contributions happened during the event

The Quarantine Sessions have grown into a weekly Sunday series showcasing local talent out of The House of Breaking Glass. Marina has also received mention in the New York Times.

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