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Tuesday Tease: Time Travel!

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168754-250Burlesque has a long history and that history continues to unfold and evolve as time goes by. Every pastie and every speck of glitter adds to the rich and detailed story of the art. But we shouldn’t forget that burlesque does not exist in a vacuum. It is, by definition, a reflection of the society that creates it. Burlesque would not exist if it had nothing to satire.

Come with us and visit times long past. And places known only through song and story. Interpreted through the art of stripping.

Portland, Oregon

Friday, January 11 | Bergamot Burlesque featuring Toni Elling  Bergamot Burlesque is proud to present an evening of opulent, classic burlesque bringing together a living legend from the golden era of burlesque, Toni Elling aka “The Duke’s Delight” alongside a world renowned cast of elegant performers. The good folks of Bergamot are bringing Portland an entrancing evening hosted by international emcee, Vincent Drambuie. A portion of this year’s profits will be donated to the Burlesque Hall of Fame.

Fresno, California

Friday, January 18 | Burlesque Through the Ages  Maverick Burlesque Productions presents “Burlesque Through the Ages.” This show is guaranteed to please! Produced by Fleur Mystique and Bella Felina. Guest emcee Rex T. Impossible from L.A., featured boylesque performer Ron Dez Vous from Hollywood and Fresno’s own lovely ladies of burlesque as well as other variety entertainers.

Denver, Colorado

Thursday, January 10 to January 31 | Cora Vette’s Technicolor Tease – A Burletta  Travel back to a time when movies were colorized, Dorothy first stepped into Oz and speakeasies were the bee’s knees. Welcome to “Technicolor Tease!” – an all new Burletta! A burletta is a burlesque operetta, and is the perfect way to describe this all-singing, all-dancing, all-live music spectacular, featuring Cora Vette, The VaVaVettes, and a live jazz combo!

Chicago, Illinois

Friday, January 11 | Naked Girls Reading presents “Girls Gone Oscar Wilde”   It’s time for a walk on the Wilde side. The words of the world’s favorite 19th Century dandy come alive as never before when the Naked Girls of Chicago throw their knickers to the wind for Salome, Dorian Grey and some of the sharpest witticisms ever witticismed. See why Wilde was so controversial, even today.  Let the birds of our flagship cast get starker and expose some of the most endearing stories of this influential artiste. It will be a night you won’t soon forget.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…let’s face it, you’ll be aroused.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Friday,  February 1 to February 23 |  The Bod of Avon  A “burlesque” is defined as “a parody or comically exaggerated imitation of something, especially in a literary or dramatic work” and is a time-honored, sophisticated literary technique utilized by masters of the writers’ craft for centuries. We won’t have any of that high-brow stuff in this show.  What we have a non-stop parade of half-dressed Hamlets, sonnets spoken by scantily-clad seductresses, and a enough comely wenches to fill a folio. Shakespeare was a dirty old boy, and this stuff writes itself. Hosts, Boston Babydolls Burlesque don’t even have to strain their quill to come up with a double-entendre for Titania or Cleopatra’s asp.