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Tuesday Tease: Wibbly Wobbly, Glittery Wittery

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The day has nearly arrived, Can you feel it in the air? The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is upon us! And all the Whovians around the world are getting ready. And, as with any festivity, burlesque Whovians are in on the merrymaking. Except that once they’ve donned their bow ties, fezzes and giant scarfs, they will be taking them off once again, faster than you can say “allons-y!”

It doesn’t matter if you go by TARDIS, Vortex Manipulator or Void Ship, you don’t want to miss the wibbly wobbly, glittery wittery fun!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Christmas comes to Philadelphia early this year and stays late, thanks to the brilliant folks at Busts & Trunks. From now until January you will be able to treat yourself to three Doctor who themed burlesque shows!

TOMORROW! Wednesday, November 20 | Stars & Garters: A Doctor Who Burlesque — 50th Anniversary Show! Join Busts & Trunks, artists in residence at the Trestle Inn, for their 50th Who-versary Celebration tomorrow at 8 PM for what promises to be the most Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey evening this side of the TARDIS doors. The evening will feature Casanova Chaos, Rita Action, “Ace”merelda Spade, Freyja Kanina, Scarlett Simone, and Eris T. Vayle as the sexy, sultry, sonic members of the Doctor’s enclave throughout the years.

Wednesday, December 11 | Stars & Garters: A Doctor Who Burlesque – The Who-lidays Edition! ‘Tis the Season for some Who-lly Jolly Times! Deck the TARDIS with boughs of Holly, Fa-la-la-la-la La-la-la ALLONS-Y!

Wednesday, January 15| Stars & Garters: A Doctor Who Burlesque Stars & Garters’ is designed to be both New-to-Who and Hardcore Whovian friendly, so burlesque enthusiasts, fangirls and boys, cosplayers, LARP-ers, nerds, geeks, freaks, sci-fi aficionados, Timelords and aspiring companions are all welcome. Bring your bawdy friends! Come join Busts & Trunks as they channel the TARDIS, touch the Time Vortex, exit the Pandorica, and confront the Daleks. You might even meet a Doctor or two.

New York, New York

TONIGHT! Tuesday, November 19 | Hotsy Totsy Burlesque tribute to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy! In addition to writing the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams  wrote and contributed to multiple episodes of Doctor Who. In fact Life, The Universe and Everything (the third book in the Hitchhiker series) was originally conceived of as a story line for Doctor Who before being adapted into a novel. Hotsy Totsy Burlesque invites all New York Whovians to come on out for a night of incredible entertainment starring Angelique A’lamode, Cherry Pitz, Handsome Brad, Matt Knife, Miss Mary Cyn and birthday boy, MOTH Grandslam winner Peter Aguero as Zaphod Beeblebrox!

Friday, December 6 | RAWR Burlesque Presents: A History of the World- Part B!  Originally, Doctor Who was intended to be an educational program, using science fiction as a vehicle for teaching science and history. Over the years the lessons have take a back seat to the science fiction but it’s always there, blended into the stories and the mythology of the series. Though this event doesn’t have a direct connection with the Doctor, the connection is there if you walk through the world with TARDIS colored glasses. Your professor for the evening, Bastard Keith, will lead you through a raunchy journey in time, from prehistoric hotties to medieval mistresses, glamorous 20s flappers to foxy 70s bad-ass b*tches! With help from teacher’s assistant Marie Antoinette (Melody Jane), you won’t need a notebook to learn how sexy history can be!