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Brown Paper Tickets advertising insertsSnail mail is still a thrill for 3 reasons: when receiving a personal letter from a friend or relative, when getting your mail order (think Zappos) and when event tickets arrive.

What if your message reached people when they tore open their Brown Paper Tickets envelope? That day has come.

Here’s a new way to promote your event, business or nonprofit. Brown Paper Tickets introduces a new Ad Insert Program for event organizers, local businesses and others to advertise to ticket buyers. Consider how a coupon, wrist band or print piece might resonate with people already attending events in your region, city or neighborhood. Greeting cards can also be sent with tickets, giving ticket buyers a convenient way to give the gift of live entertainment for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or any special occasion. By sending your branded insert with our mailed physical tickets, you can tap a new audience.

Target Your Audience
Don’t worry. Your ad, sticker or print piece won’t to go customers in France if your event is based in Chicago. We’ll work with you to help target the audience based on country, state, city, postal codes—or even specifically targeting your event ticket buyers. Note: You must be the owner/organizer of an event to solely target it (so no one else can target only your ticket buyers). Target customers by any market or set of regions—your choice.

Low Cost
Aside from geo-targeting, another benefit of the Ad Insert Program is its low cost. For less than half the price of a stamp you can send your advertisement to new customers. No minimum constraint. Order as few or as many inserts that fit your budget. Send us 5 or 5,000 advertisements. Price drops per insert as your volume increases. The more you order, the lower the cost per insert.

See design tips, guidelines and size requirements.

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Fill out a form. Print your insert. Ship it to us. Easy as that. Get started advertising with Brown Paper Tickets. Questions? Happy to help, advise or brainstorm. Email us at