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The Business Accelerator Suite – Your “Ticket” to Economic Recovery

Wondering how to grow your business in this economy? According to business experts, the answer is simple and, surprisingly, free: start producing events.

Events can increase a consumer’s purchase intent by up to 52 percent, according to the Advertising Research Foundation’s study, “Engaging Events Pay Out,” referenced in AdWeek.

Classes, tours, fashion shows, seminars, tastings, “pop-up” gallery events, workshops, open houses, and more – producing events is the new trend for businesses competing for market share and customer loyalty in an economy where consumers are being more careful about where and how they spend their hard-earned income!

What are you good at?  What can you share?  Need to start generating revenues before the doors open?

Produce a class or an event; our Business Accelerator Suite has everything you need, and our 24/7 customer service team will show you the way to start making sales in as little as 20 minutes.

Brown Paper Tickets has made it easier for you with our new Business Accelerator Suite – FREE tools proven to help you to build event marketing into the mix of how you bring customers to your door.
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Cash Bonus, Anyone?

Did you know that Brown Paper Tickets pays you a 2.5% cash bonus on every ticket sold for your event, if you use almost any other credit card processor besides the Brown Paper Tickets free credit card processor?

It’s true.

Brown Paper Tickets pays you 2.5% on every ticket sold if you use other processors, such as your own merchant account, PayPal, Amazon Payments or Google Checkout. The way we figure it, when you are our partner in selling tickets and make the most money on your event, we win, too.

Think about how many repeat ticket-buyers you will have when your fans realize how much less they are paying in fees. Or how good they’ll feel as they choose the type of charitable cause they want to donate to as a result of their ticket purchase.

And now, on top of it all, you will be making more money on your events. Genius.

This is what we call a “no-brainer.”  We hope that you call it “awesome,” “a smart move,” and/or “a logical choice,” depending on your perspective and personal style!

For more information on this and other great features that you may not be familiar with, check out our Services Page or give our Client Services Department a call (1-800-838-3006, Option 4) and ask them how to set up your own credit card processor. And, have fun with that extra cash!

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