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The Business Accelerator Suite – Your “Ticket” to Economic Recovery

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Wondering how to grow your business in this economy? According to business experts, the answer is simple and, surprisingly, free: start producing events.

Events can increase a consumer’s purchase intent by up to 52 percent, according to the Advertising Research Foundation’s study, “Engaging Events Pay Out,” referenced in AdWeek.

Classes, tours, fashion shows, seminars, tastings, “pop-up” gallery events, workshops, open houses, and more – producing events is the new trend for businesses competing for market share and customer loyalty in an economy where consumers are being more careful about where and how they spend their hard-earned income!

What are you good at?  What can you share?  Need to start generating revenues before the doors open?

Produce a class or an event; our Business Accelerator Suite has everything you need, and our 24/7 customer service team will show you the way to start making sales in as little as 20 minutes.

Brown Paper Tickets has made it easier for you with our new Business Accelerator Suite – FREE tools proven to help you to build event marketing into the mix of how you bring customers to your door.

1.  24/7 Customer Service Hotline, in 3 Languages.

Not computer savvy?  No problem!  We are here to help you and get your event up and running in 20 minutes or less!

Don’t have time to answer phone calls customers may have about your event?  Don’t worry about it!  Just tell our professional event producers what they need to know, and they will provide your customers with the information they need, even if they call in the middle of the night or after you have started your event!

2.  Best ROI of any event management system!

Brown Paper Tickets awards a 2.5% swipe-fee dividend, payable to you, the business or event producer, when using Pay Pal, Amazon Payments, Google Processing or your own merchant account to process your customer payments for tickets to your event!

It’s easy, it’s free and you won’t find any ticketing or event registration site in the world giving you back 2.5%.  Why do we do this? Because consider you a partner in producing the event.  Because we look at the long-term relationship with you as one we treasure and we want to work with you for as long as you own your business.  We know that that 2.5% could really help to mitigate some of the costs of creating an event for your customers.

3. Free Event Marketing and Promotions

Events created through Brown Paper Tickets now automatically integrate with MailChimp, a powerful email marketing campaign tool to help drive your best customers to your events, while creating an email list of new prospects.  Some things you can accomplish with a few clicks:

* Automatically send ‘thank you’ emails for a purchase
* Build your database of customer emails and keep in contact with prospective customers.
* Reports on which prospects clicked on your email, which make purchases and where they were located.
* Live, hands-on event promotion staff — Our dedicated event promotions staff can provide advice and support for promoting your events.

4.  Need Assigned Seating?  No Problem!

FREE custom seating charts for events of any size or configuration.  Let your ticket buyers choose their own seats or use our advanced algorithm to find the best available seats.

5.  Drive customers to YOUR website to RSVP or to purchase tickets!

You want better SEO for your website, and we want that for you, too!  Invite your customers and prospects to RSVP and/or purchase tickets through your own website with our customized website integration, and web browsers will refer potential customers to your site more often! You can do this by either using our embeddable widgets or by working with our Development Team one-on-one to create a customized look that’s unique to you and your events.

To learn more about Brown Paper Tickets’ Business Accelerator Suite, or to brainstorm what kind of event you can produce, call us!  Our event expert 24-hour hotline is 1-800-838-3006.