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Tuesday Tease: This Week in Burlesque

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271734-250For whatever reason, October is a busy time in the burlesque world. I think part of it is because the weather is cooling down and folks need steamier entertainment to warm them on the cold nights. The other reason is because Halloween offers a myriad of themes to play with, like Rocky Horror tributes, zombies, vampires, sci fi, you name it.

Whatever the reason, our site is overflowing with great shows happening around the world and so, instead of having a “theme” for this week’s post, I thought I’d just highlight some of our picks for the first week of Rocktober. I’ll do a post later in the month that focuses on Halloween burlesque events but for this I thought I’d try and show a little of the diversity of shows that are happening this month. We got shows all around the states and even a couple in Canada and the United Kingdom worth checking out.

So, enough from me, here’s your October in burlesque:

Somerville, Massachusetts

Starts Thursday, October 3 I The W. R. Athskellar Cavalcade of Curiosities   An immersive and interactive theatrical experience, visitors to The W. R. Athskellar Cavalcade of Curiosities find themselves embroiled in an ancient battle… with the audience as the prize! Don’t miss this all-new interpretation of The Boston Babydolls’ popular Halloween show! Highlights of the evening include live music from the house band, the occasional circus stunt and, of course, burlesque from the award-winning Boston Babydolls.

The journeys of  W. R. Athskellar span the globe and countless decades, searching for one exceptional performer after another. Why, on an ordinary night, while the band plays in this 10-in-1 attraction you might see The Disconnected Twins, The Illustrative Woman, or spy the Spider-Girl descending from the ceiling. On any regular evening, you could try your eye in The Shooting Alley, test your strength on The High-Striker, or learn what your future holds in The Fortune-Teller’s Tent…but this is neither a regular night, nor is there anything ordinary about your visit this evening.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Friday, October 4 I Abracadaver Cabaret   Sisters, sisters. There were never such devoted sisters. At least, none so devoted to horror. There seems to be a growing correlation between sisters and all Abracadaver4things horror in Vancouver. The Soska Sisters, aka the Twisted Twins (of Twisted Twins Productions), have already made their mark on film. Meanwhile, also in Vancouver, The Macabre Mauchlines’ Voodoo Pixie and Mama Fortuna have been dedicated to the same theatre show for four years now. That show, of course, is the AbraCadaver Cabaret.

While there might be something especially spooky about the bond between siblings, the show couldn’t have achieved the success it has over the years without the help of a makeshift family worthy of any chainsaw massacre. Melody Mangler, international burlesque star, co-produces the show alongside Voodoo. Travis Bernhardt, who was Top Pick at the 2012 Victoria Fringe festival, provides one half of the magic. And veteran actor/director David Quast and the top brain at Dashing Rogue Productions, Andrew Harron, also lend their talents for the theatrical portions of the show.

But make no mistake, even with all the black glitter and lavish set designs (courtesy of Haunted House fanatic Ben Krakowsky and magician Aleister Crane) this is a horror show. Not a Halloween show. This show isn’t about guts and gore. It’s about being deeply unsettled. A trick, an image, a story – these are all vehicles for terror. At AbraCadaver, the Macabre Mauchlines invite you to come in, sit down with then as they turn off all the lights and see what they can find in the darkness.

Los Angeles, California

262033-250Friday, October 4 I Saintly Bomb Productions Presents TREKLESQUE: Into Pasties   Join Saintly Bomb Productions as they voyage through space and boldly go into: TREKLESQUE! Captains, Commanders, and space babes gather at the Silverlake Lounge this Friday to take it all off for your space-age pleasure. So gather your crew and come celebrate our new enterprise. Space isn’t the final frontier any longer. But whatever you do, don’t wear a red shirt. Featuring your favorite characters, gadgets, and space ship, TREKLESQUE: INTO PASTIES will be a night of cosmic burlesque, comedy, and variety acts better than a night of shore leave on Risa!  You don’t want to miss it! Interstellar performances by: Mae Lust. Penny Starr Jr., Rynie Das Wreckless, Doctor Lust, Greta Grenade, Mercury Troy and more!

Saturday, October 5 I Hollywood Burlesque Festival FUNDRAISER   Bobbie Burlesque Presents An All Star Burlesque Showcase featuring some of Hollywood’s greatest burlesque performers! Come see this great show to help raise money for the first ever Hollywood Burlesque Festival happening in Los Angeles December 2013. Starring: Miss Viva Las Vegas 2010: Ruby Champagne, Burlympics Gold Medalist: Pearl Lux, Legend in the Making 2005: Venus DeMille, 1/2 of Best Duo 2008: Jewel of Denial, Burlympics Most Comedic: Tito Bonito, Of The Hula Girls: Judy Luck and Burlympics Bronze Medalist: Victory Variety Hour. Also appearing are: Ruby Besler from The Ruby Besler Show, Nikita Bitch Project, Iza la Vamp, Fishnet Follies and Smexcksy Ziza.

Monday, October 7 I Monday Night Tease Weekly Burlesque Show   LA’s longest running weekly burlesque show, Monday Night Tease! Voted “Top 5 LA WEEKLY Best Burlesque Shows of Los Angeles.” Hosted Lili VonSchtupp, The Buxom Foul-Mouthed Godmother of LA Burlesque. Burlesque performances by: Pearl Lux (Gold Medal winner Burlypicks), Caramel Knowledge, Bella Luna, Sheila Starr Siani, Pepe Lee Rue, June Au’Purr Darling, Josie Bunnie and the magic of blues magician, Chad Allen.

Seattle, Washington

Friday, October 4 and Saturday, October 5 I Strange and Unusual. Burlesque inspired by the works of Tim Burton   Join Pink Kryptonite Productions in association with Theatre Off Jackson for a265965-250 scintillating look into the unique world of Tim Burton. You will travel from Halloweentown to England to six feet underground, meeting many Burton characters along the way. There will be Martian tricks, Wonka treats and performances by: Carmen DieOxide, Jesus la Pinga, Inara Echo, La Petite Mort, Lana Milk-n-Honey, Lexi Luthor, Maggie McMuffin, Morgue Anne, Sun Shiner, Suri Reale and Whisper De Corvo.

Boulder, Colorado

Saturday, October 5 I Wardrobe MalFUNKtion presents ~ La Noche De Los Burlesqueos   Your illustrious host, Gunter and Camp Wardrobe MalFUNKtion have an incredible evening of entertainment planned for you! Featuring opening band Gora Gora Orkestar and all new performances of never-before-seen burlesque from: Love Child, Salty Vulgare, Miss Velvet Hammer, Lulu Lorraine, The Jezzebelles!, Dazy Mae Darling, Jenesaisquoi, Trey Mendez, Candy Man, the violin stylings of Malcom Watson and surprise guest appearances! ALSO featuring the Sisters of Mercy spanking squad and fire performance during the intermission. Ell dia de los muertos (Day of The Dead) face and body painting available on site by artist Mythica von Griffyn, Pinky Kinky on popcorn, and many many other treats and surprise!

New York, New York

Saturday269741-250, October 5 I GOTHAM BURLESQUE  Coney Island in New York City Spectacular! Fourteen great acts! This Saturday, Ten-In-One Productions presents Time Out NY‘s “Critics’ Pick” Gotham Burlesque, hosted by “The Great Deceiver” Albert Cadabra and featuring performances by: burlesque star and Miss Coney Island: BB Heart, the girl with the 44DD brain: Nasty Canasta, Charm City’s burlesque superhero: Trixie Little, the twisted beauty of burlesque: Dangrrr Doll, the five-alarm fire of burlesque and former Miss Coney Island: Gal Friday, New York’s favorite juggler: Kyle Peterson, 1920s tapping sensation: Gin Minsky, chanteause and bon vivant: Grace Gotham, the premier sideshow attraction: Adam Realman, the hula-hooping demon Miss Saturn, the twisted shockmeister: Scott Baker, the “Carol Burnett of burlesque”: Boo Boo Darlin, burlesque star: Boobess and introducing Leo “the Human Gumby.”

Tuesday, October 8 I Excelsior presents Steampunk Gothica: Victorian Sci-Fi and Horror Burlesque   Proprietors MOE CHEEZMO and RUBY SOLITAIRE are pleased to announce a GRAND EXHIBITION of the ecdysial ARTS, to occur on the EIGHTH of OCTOBER at the venerable Manhattan PUBLICK HOUSE known as the R-BAR. Including such LARGELY UNCLAD luminaries as: from the inscrutable EAST of RUMANIA, the sanguine CASSANDRA ROSEBEETLE, a sure palliative for weaknesses of the BLOOD; thaumaturgic technician NELSON LUGO, who preposterous prestidigitation will STIMULATE the MIND and BODY; a MACABRE tour de force of surgical arts with RUBY SOLITAIRE and and exploration of secrets MAN WAS NOT MEANT TO KNOW with ANJA KEISTER, which may OFFEND the delicate sensibilities of RIGHT THINKING gentlefolk; a tutelary of the TECHNOLOGICKAL from MATT KNIFE, including the LATEST in thingbobs, whatisjiggers, and superfluous gears and sprockets; and the MYSTERIOUS TRANSFORMATION of POISON IVORY, whose display with be both UNSETTLING and BIFRUCATED! Our host, CERTIFIED snake oil salesman MOE CHEEZMO is on hand to REVITALIZE any and all who SWOON with the intensity of this RIBALD DISPLAY.

Brighton, United Kingdom

270177-250Saturday, October 5 I The Steampunk Hidden Tea Room  Time travelers and tea duelers alike return to The Marlborough Theatre, for Brighton’s most peculiar cabaret show. Featuring genre defying live music, bizarre burlesque and the odd parlour game for good measure. Dress up is not essential, but highly encouraged. Think top hats and tea pots, cravats and cream buns, stockings and scones, and bustles and biscuits. Featuring Joe Black – the gin drinking cabaret darling, musical comedy misfit and acid tongued ringmaster; Dolly Rocket – an international cabaret superstar who’s presence and personality at any party are as big as her assets; The Dirty Divine – genre-bending maestros who leave critics, promoters and audiences dazzled with their eclectic blend of swing, doo-wop, hip-hop, pop and gypsy sounds.